Ishita and Aaliya try to keep Ruhi occupied in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Mihika and everyone see Ruhi keeping herself busy in office work. They all plan the functions. Ishita asks Ruhi to organize everything. Ruhi agrees. She takes the work in her hand. Everyone likes the arrangements. The family rejoices celebrating Kiran’s mehendi ceremony. Ishita tries to keep Ruhi happy. Bala asks Ishita to go and meet the interior designer, so that they can design the house as Kiran wants. Kiran is happy to have Shitija and Shravan’s happiness in the marriage functions. Mihika calls a guest, who happens to be Nikhil’s girlfriend. Ruhi reacts angrily on seeing her. She gets more affected.

Ishita meets the interior designer and learns about Rishi, Sujata’s boyfriend. Aaliya asks Ruhi and the girl to stay away from Nikhil. The girl denies to be Nikhil’s girlfriend. She tells him why Nikhil asked her to do acting in front of Ruhi. Aaliya gets to know Nikhil’s other side. Ishita sees Nikhil and Rishi meeting and doubts on them. Mihika apologizes to Ruhi for spoiling her mood. Aaliya is glad that some misunderstanding is cleared. Ishita and Aaliya doubt on Nikhil hiding Sujata’s truth. They don’t reach to any conclusion.


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