Shivay records a love confession in Ishqbaaz


Shivay tries to write a letter for Anika. He arranges a perfect paper for penning his love. Omkara gets annoyed when he hears negative about Gauri. People find Gauri unsuitable for Omkara. Omkara didn’t wish to call her so that she stays happy at home. He knows she has got much hurt. Khanna helps Shivay and gets a paper for his letter. Pinky knows Shwetlana is acting. She asks Shwetlana to join hands with her. Shivay finally makes an attempt to express his feelings. Dadi pulls Shivay’s leg for writing a love letter. Shivay finds it hard to pen his feelings. He gets an idea of recording a video for Anika. He expresses his love for Anika.

Shivay’s sweet love confession reminds Anika of all their love moments and amazing journey. He tells her that he has changed him a lot, she has become the most important person in his life. He feels lucky to get Anika. Shivay promises Anika that he will make her forget what tears mean. He apologizes to her for forcibly marrying her. He makes a vow to love her forever. He tells her why he couldn’t put his feelings in the three golden words, which aren’t sufficient for him.

Gauri gets upset thinking of Omkara. She still feels she is not suitable for Omkara. Pinky helps Shwetlana. Shakti warns Pinky against doing anything wrong again. He asks her to rectify her old mistakes. Jhanvi gets Tej treated by the doctor. Tej tells Jhanvi about Shwetlana monitoring him all the time. Shwetlana spots Jhanvi trying to help Tej. Jhanvi comes with a plan to catch Shwetlana.


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