Munni’s dilemma to leave from Abhi’s life in Kumkum Bhagya


Aaliya has burnt Purab and Disha’s house. Disha feels guilty and thinks Sangram has done all this. She holds herself responsible for everything. Purab is glad that she is fine, she is more important than the house. He tells her that he wants her to always keep smiling, even in bad times. Disha realizes his love. Purab cares for Disha and expresses how important she is for him. They have a romantic moment. Purab and Disha decide to hide the fire incident from Abhi. Purab doesn’t want to give tension to Abhi. Disha understands him well. Disha gets upset when some neighbors blame her for bringing bad fate for Purab.

Abhi asks Munni to stay around, as he gets positive and peaceful vibes. He asks her to help him in composing a tune. Munni gets smitten by his sweet words. She tries to make Abhi’s favorite coffee. Munni doesn’t make it fine. Abhi gets surprised. Their cute moments continue. Abhi compliments her for the coffee. He gets a chance to romance. Munni thinks she will miss him a lot. Munni feels sorry to cheat everyone. Munni makes a leave from the house. She feels to see Abhi once. She gets a moment of happiness on seeing Abhi. The moment soon turns shocking for Munni when a blast occurs, and Abhi gets injured.


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