Naren to spy on Pooja in Piyaa Albela


Naren asks Surbhi and Mayank to find out every detail about Mr. Kapoor. Naren learns Pooja has married Mr. Kapoor few months back. He feels Pooja got habitual to cheat people. He tells them that Pooja will herself name Mr. Kapoor’s company to him. He seeks help from Surbhi in his task, to which she readily agrees. Naren plans to do Pooja’s Shraddh puja. Naren’s decision shocks everyone. Surbhi makes Pooja’s photo prepared.

On the other hand, Pooja tries to make Supriya recover. She asks the nurses to update her with Supriya’s progress. She wants Supriya to get fine soon. Naren does the Shraddh puja in front of Pooja, to hurt her sentiments. Pooja breaks down after Naren gets her humiliated. She feels let down when her own family doesn’t believe her. Pooja leaves from there to meet Mr. Kapoor. Naren realizes she is lying again and follows her to see whom is she meeting. Naren starts spying on Pooja.



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