Prem’s decision to shock Tejaswini in Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi


Tejaswini doesn’t want to do any mistake. She tells her mum that she will rectify his mistake, she will not do wrong with anyone else. She shows her dad’s truth to her mum, who doesn’t believe her. Tejaswini tells her family about her step to tell entire truth to Prem’s family. Tejaswini comes home, while the family waits for Prem and Tejaswini home. They all were worried for the couple. They get a shock seeing Tejaswini’s troubled state. They fear something wrong happened.

Dharam’s affection make Tejaswini turn more guilty. She tells them that she didn’t had any fight with Prem. She doesn’t want to face Prem after deceiving him. She apologizes to Dharam and tells them her revenge motives and misunderstanding. Everyone gets a shock knowing Tejaswini has married Prem to ruin their family. Prem’s mum calls off their marriage and asks Tejaswini to leave from Prem’s life. She gets angry on the fake marriage vows and pulls her mangalsutra. Prem who is madly in love with Tejaswini, stops his mum from doing so. Tejaswini fails to answer Prem. Prem doesn’t want to lose Tejaswini. Will Prem decide to keep up the marriage? Keep reading.



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