TGI Friday’s Spoilers


    Saanjh is scared of Arjun. She tells Arjun that Maya will kill him if he comes close to him. She asks Arjun to stay away, she will go to Suman’s house. Saanjh is not ready to listen to him. She doesn’t want to lose Arjun. Jhanvi bribes the jailer and asks her to kill Maya. Jailer accepts the money as she also wants to get rid of Maya. Jailer shoots down Maya.

    Naina wants Khyati to marry Vishal. She doesn’t want to hurt Nandkishore, but does her duty towards Khyati. She diverts Nandkishore by ringing the fire alarms. She makes Khyati leave. Kunal and Karan arrange a car and send Khyati to meet Vishal. Both of them support Khyati, knowing Vishal is perfect for her. Nandkishore increases the security at home.

    Avni gets caught by police. Neil sees her and is miffed with her, knowing she visited a brothel. The police staff get Avni. Neil warns her not to leave without informing him. Neil and Avni make a plan to free Juhi from Rang mahal. They don’t have much time to make a well thought plan. Neil can’t tolerate that Juhi will be handed over to someone else.

    Sasural Simar Ka:
    Prem and Simar have a moment. Prem reminds her their old time. He fills sindoor in her hairline. Simar is very happy. They have met after a long time. After solving many problems, they spend some lovely time together.

    Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee:

    Radhika attacks Aastha. She tries to kill Aastha, having much hatred for Aastha in heart. Radhika wants to marry Shiv. Shiv comes in nick of time and saves Aastha from Radhika. Shiv and Aastha plant a tree together. They unite forever.

    Raj tells Chandar that Preet still loves him. Chandar asks him not to be so confident and prove it to him. Raj tells him that even Lord can’t divide him and Preet. Chandar asks him to play a game of test with him and prove that Preet loves him. Raj doesn’t agree initially, and then gives his nod to teach a lesson to Chandar. Raj doesn’t want to sign the divorce papers, and knows its all Chandar’s plan. Preet/Mannu gets desperate to do anything to save Simran.

    Yeh Rishta Kehlata Hai:
    Kartik learns that Manish didn’t cheat Soumya, but she has ended her life as she was not mentally fine. Kartik gets Soumya’s suicide letter, which Manish was hiding till now. He learns Manish always wished good for them. Kartik feels he can’t tolerate this truth and gets his anger out. He breaks down after knowing the entire truth. He has always kept hatred for Suwarna and Manish in his heart. Manish consoles Kartik and helps him in accepting the truth. Kartik comes closer to Manish and is much moved.


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