Avni to turn into super spy in Naamkarann


Neil and Avni are trying to gather evidence against Gurumaa. Avni is ready to risk her life to save the girls from human trafficking, but Nel doesn’t want to put her life in danger. The human trafficking case reaches high point. Since Neil got to know Rangmahal truth, he has lost his peace. He just wants to reach there and save Juhi. He wants to arrest Gurumaa. He calls commissioner to ask for search warrant to check Rangmahal, he has a doubt on Gurumaa. Commissioner apologizes and says we can’t take any big action if we have no solid proof against them. Neil gets worried. Avni asks Neil to take rest, no need to worry much.

Neil tells her that they didn’t get any clue in now, he can’t think of rest. Neil tries to think of something. Avni tells him that she has a plan. Neil jokes on her super plans which always has risk. She says trust me, you will like my plan. She tells him that Bebe has read Ramayan, she said if Lanka has to burn, Sita has to go to Lanka to kill Raavan, plan is I will go to Rangmahal to kill Gurumaa, I will spy there. Neil asks her not to take this risk. She says laws want evidence, I can get it for you, I will gather the clues after reaching there. She sounds confident, but Neil fears to lose her.



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