Neil finals a decision for his future in Naamkarann


Avni helps Neil in getting Juhi back. Neil finds her really good to help him after knowing what Juhi means to him. He knows Avni maybe thinking that Avni can lose her place when Juhi wants. He tells DD that Avni is his present, and even Juhi can’t take her place now. He wants to spend his life with Avni. Avni tells them how she met Juhi. Neil tells them that he was fooled by Juhi’s death, which was just a put up. They get a hope that Ali is alive. Neil asks DD to stay alert and get the true reports of post mortem.

Gurumaa gets angry on Juhi, for agreeing to Dayavanti and running away. Juhi tells them how Dayavanti forced her to go. She explains she was helping her. Gurumaa learns Dayavanti’s plan to free Juhi and get Avni in Rang mahal. Dayavanti fears Neil and Avni can reach Ali while finding Juhi. Aman promises her that he will misguide Neil and Avni, and interrupt them. He tries to get the DNA reports to prove Ali is really dead. Neil and Avni get the reports and realize Ali is alive. Neil and Avni have a moment. Neil cries out his pain thinking of the troubles Juhi has gone through till now.


Avni asks him to think how they can save Juhi. She asks him to be strong. Neil gets his search team to find Juhi. Neil doesn’t want to take Avni along. Avni tells him that she really wants to accompany them.

Gurumaa kidnaps Aman and forces Dayavanti to beg for forgiveness. Dayavanti worries for Aman’s life. She begs to Gurumaa to set things right between them. Gurumaa sets the Rang mahal for a dance program. Avni reaches there to spy and find Juhi and Ali. Avni misses to see Dayavanti and Aman. Neil and DD try to know what kind of place is Rangmahal. Avni learns about Dayavanti’s involvement in the whole crime. The duo come face to face.


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