Dayavanti and Gurumaa team up against Avni in Naamkarann


Dayavanti and Gurumaa team up to use all their evil resources and plot against Avni. Dayavanti feels she has seen Avni and doubts. Avni tells Neil that she was about to see someone and missed. They hear about Rangmahal opening up for women, who come to take clay for idol making. Neil realizes Juhi is stuck in a brothel. He feels sad that Avni also went in that hell. He asks her does she realize those dangerous people can do anything. He asks Avni not to risk her life. Avni apologizes to him. Neela asks Aman about his college. Aman lies to her. She realizes Aman is hiding something behind his lies.

Avni tries to seek help and plans an entry in Rangmahal in disguise. Neil asks Avni to promise she won’t go to Rangmahal again. Avni promises him, and lies him to save Juhi and Ali. Neil tells Shweta that Ali is not involved in any wrong activity. Avni asks Neil not to worry for her. She doesn’t keep herself away from the case. She gets the audio and tracking device to use in her mission.


Dayavanti and Gurumaa sort their differences, after realizes how they can help each other by working together. Dayavanti has one aim, that’s to pull Avni to Rangmahal. Neil asks DD to keep an eye on Avni and not let her follow him. Neela senses Aman is lying to her again and follows him. Avni takes a disguise and feels sorry to lie to Neil. Neil gets informed that Avni has left from the house. Gurumaa asks Juhi not to dream much and realize how badly she is bounded to her. She makes Juhi dance for her guests in Rangmahal. Ali worries for Avni and prays for her safety. Juhi dances with her pain held in eyes. Avni reaches Rangmahal and gets to see Juhi performing. Gurumaa sells off Juhi to someone. Juhi falls in trouble.


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