Parth gets saddened by Shorvori’s estrangement in Dil Se Dil Tak


Shorvori’s heart breaks. She sits crying. She packs her bag and wants to get away from Parth. She can’t tolerate the fact that she will be leaving from the people whom she loves so much. Parth’s talk makes her emotional. She recalls the promise she made to Parth, that she will always be with him. She doesn’t have any time in her hand. She cries that she can’t take her baby in her arms. She avoids Parth. Parth looks for her when he senses Shorvori. She hides from him. She sees Parth leaving and tries to hurt him, so that he gets away from her.

She is creating misunderstandings between them, but she is not able to handle the situation. Parth doesn’t want Shorvori to leave from the house. Parth tells her that she is his life, she is his breath, he is alive because she is with him. He asks her not to talk about leaving him, its just a small misunderstanding, which can never break their relation. Shorvori doesn’t want know to hide her pain and sorrow from Parth. Parth tells her that she is her world and she can’t snatch everything from him by her decision. She is not able to tell Parth about her illness. What will Parth do when he knows about her illness? Keep reading.


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