Devi to gracefully counter her humiliation in Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre


Devi does her own Grahpravesh. Adhiraj and his mum get shocked on seeing Devi’s face after lifting the veil. Adhiraj gets the land for which he was waiting since long. After Devi steps inside his house, Adhiraj’s fate starts favoring him. Devi proves out to be lucky for Adhiraj. He asks Devi to stay in the storeroom and live with his pet animals, who is also part of his house. Devi gets scared seeing the rats and then befriends them. Devi’s family comes to meet her at Rajawat’s house. Adhiraj’s mum doesn’t let Devi meet her uncle. She insults Devi’s family and asks them to dance, as the dancers didn’t turn up. Devi doesn’t let her Bua and Mami to dance, and takes the ghungroos from them. Devi doesn’t lose and comes as the dancer. Devi does her own Mu dikhai. Devi can’t see her family getting insulted. Devi knows nothing can be normal with her in Rajawat family.

She is ready to do anything for her family respect. Devi performs in her Mu Dikhai rasam. Adhiraj wanted to insult Devi in front of the guests. Devi gracefully dances to keep respect of her Maayka and also fulfills the wish of her inlaws. Devi doesn’t take this against her humiliation. She does everything as per her style. Adhiraj’s mum has forced her to dance, after insulting her Maayka. Devi appears happy to everyone. Dev fulfills her Sasumaa’s challenge. Devi impresses everyone by her dancing skills and gets praised instead.


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