Juhi to doubt Avni’s intentions in Naamkarann


Avni reaches Rangmahal and contacts Neil. She tells him that she has come to Rangmahal by her wish, she is not kidnapped by anyone, Sita has to go Lanka to ruin the evil Raavan. Neil gets worried for Avni. Avni and Juhi meet and become each other’s support. Avni has come to free Juhi and Ali. She wants to pass the evidence to Neil.

Gurumaa’s men catch Avni and lock her in the room. Avni gets an audio device in Ganpati idol. She passes some important info to Neil about Dayavanti and Raghu pandit escaping from jail. Juhi understands Avni can free her. Neil reaches the jail to check on Dayavanti who was spotted by Avni at the Rangmahal. Juhi tells Avni about Ali being held captive by Dayavanti. Avni understands Ali’s death was staged by Davayanti to mislead her. She gets happy that Ali is alive. She looks forward to meet him once. Juhi is much helpless to stay in Gurumaa’s Rangmahal. She doubts on Avni, after knowing Neil is married to Avni. Juhi is upset and gets her frustration out of Avni. She doesn’t want to leave from Rangmahal and is depressed. Avni makes a fool proof plan to help innocent lives survive. Will Avni succeed? Keep reading.



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