Nisha to further employ Samar for her plans in Woh Apna Sa


Babasa tells Aditya to think what has Jhanvi done for them till now. He asks Aditya not to overthink and doubt on Jhanvi. He says husband and wife’s relation had petty fights, Jhanvi is such a selfless person, whom can never be doubted. He owes his life to Jhanvi. He tells Aditya that Jhanvi has become his daughters’ mum. Aditya also knows Jhanvi has kept every relation with honesty and stood as a shield to face every problem coming to Aditya’s side. Aditya doubts on her strange behavior. Babasa tells him that Nisha is making him think wrong, as she has filled a fear in his mind by her bad behavior.

Nisha makes a plan to get Aditya back. She plans to injure Kakima, but Kakusa gets hurt instead. Nisha’s plan backfires. Nisha helps Kakusa. Nisha fills Aditya’s ears against Jhanvi, who wants to move on in life with Samar. She tells him that Jhanvi is seeing a future with Samar, and so she is spending more time with him. Aditya angrily hurts Nisha on failing to bear the nonsense.


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