Pooja to unite Naren’s family in Piyaa Albela


Naren wants to see whom is Pooja meeting by saying Mr. Kapoor’s name. He follows Pooja and spies on her. Naren reaches Pooja and helps her out to act and fix a tracker in her watch. Pooja fails to convince her Mama and Mami to end their annoyance. Naren and Pooja have no love left between them now. Naren tracks her, but fails when Pooja throws the tracker away. Pooja meets Harish. She talks about Pooja’s arrogant behavior. She assures Harish that she will get old Naren back. She has a heavy heart thinking of her family’s hatred for her. Surbhi also keeps an eye on Pooja. Harish is sure that Pooja will make everything fine. They see Naren spying on them, but don’t get sighted by him. Pooja feels sorry for Harish and Supriya, who are bearing Naren’s bitter hatred.

Harish tells Pooja that Naren and Surbhi have planned to make him out of the company and house. He doesn’t have any proof to get his rights back. Pooja sympathizes with Harish. She doesn’t imagine Naren will change so much. She asks Harish to come home along and meet Supriya. Mayank spots Pooja with Harish. Naren gets angry when he fails to get any info about Pooja. Naren gets a shock when Pooja calls Harish home. Pooja aims to unite Naren’s family again and bring his life back on track. Surbhi’s insecurities get high after Pooja’s return. What will Surbhi do against Pooja? Keep reading.


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