Shivay makes a deal about Sahil in Ishqbaaz


Shivay, Omkara and Rudra talk about their life partners. Shivay tells Rudra that age doesn’t matter in a relation, when the person matters to them the most. Rudra shares Bhavya’s age concern. Shivay asks Rudra to go ahead in his relation, if Bhavya really means something to him. Shivay misses Anika dearly and thinks of her. Omkara and Rudra put some light on their relationships and try to learn where their relationship stands and why. They realize its high time they should take a call about their better halves.

Shivay encourages Gauri for taking the challenge and proving herself perfect for Omkara. He wishes her all the best. Gauri tells Omkara that she has some work and has to go urgently. Omkara worries for her. Anika’s Bua comes home and faces humiliation by Pinky. Shivay meets Anika’s Bua. He treats her well. Anika’s Bua gets the chawl people along. Shivay gently serves food to the people. Dadi finds a positive change in Shivay.

Pinky doubts that Anika is involved in extracting money from Shivay by sending her Bua home. Shivay doesn’t listen to Pinky’s nonsense. Anika’s Bua makes her wishes clear in front of Shivay. Shivay agrees to Bua’s wishes and makes a deal to get Sahil’s custody from her. Anika’s Bua gets as much as possible from him, by using Sahil. She wants to be known as Shivay’s mum in law. Shivay agrees to her final wish too.

Bhavya has no family. Commissioner treats her as daughter and suggests her to think of settling down with someone. He asks her her wish about an alliance, who wants to marry her. Bhavya realizes her love for Rudra, but is not sure of a future with him. She agrees to meet the guy for marriage. She misses Rudra. Bhavya meets the guy, who is her good friend. Rudra takes advice from Chubby about Bhavya. Chubby asks Rudra not to go ahead, as Bhavya will dominate him in their relation. Rudra doesn’t want anyone to boss around. Rudra gets in dilemma about Bhavya.

Meanwhile, Jhanvi makes a plan to make Shwetlana tell the truth and free Tej. She threatens to kill Shwetlana. Shwetlana gets a shock on knowing Jhanvi has just got a dummy with her. Shwetlana attacks Jhanvi angrily. Rudra meets a girl on Chubby’s saying. He misses Bhavya and realizes her worth. Bhavya too thinks of Rudra. Both of them think of calling each other.


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