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Udaan: Chakor runs away from Suraj. Suraj angrily reaches Radheshyam’s house to find her. Radheshyam tells him that Chakor is not with them. Suraj gets infuriated on not finding Chakor. Imli doesn’t want to see them happy.


Meghna gets Vishal and Khyati married. Naina helps Meghna in this big tough task. The sisters unite despite many pressures from inlaws and relatives. They succeed to make Khyati elope from the house. Khyati and Vishal marry in the temple, and get blessings from Dada ji, Nirmala, Kunal-Meghna and Karan-Naina. Khyati wanted Nandkishore to bless her too. Khyati gets emotional after marrying Vishal. Nandkishore will not accept Khyati’s marriage easily. The tension will increase for the sisters, who have united the lovers.

Woh Apna Sa:

Nisha makes a plan to get Aditya back. She plans to injure Kakima, but Kakusa gets hurt instead. Nisha’s plan backfires. Nisha helps Kakusa. Nisha fills Aditya’s ears against Jhanvi, who wants to move on in life with Samar. She tells him that Jhanvi is seeing a future with Samar, and so she is spending more time with him. Aditya angrily hurts Nisha on failing to bear the nonsense.

Beyhadh will have a few years leap again. Arjun and Saanjh’s happily married life will be seen. They are blessed with a daughter. Maya will be returning to take revenge from them. Everyone has forgotten Maya and moved on in their lives. Maya will strike back to ruin Arjun and Saanjh’s new life.


Avni reaches Rangmahal and contacts Neil. She tells him that she has come to Rangmahal by her wish, she is not kidnapped by anyone, Sita has to go Lanka to ruin the evil Raavan. Neil gets worried for Avni. Avni and Juhi meet and become each other’s support. Avni has come to free Juhi and Ali. She wants to pass the evidence to Neil.

Dil Se Dil Tak:
Teni knows Shorvori has brain tumor. She stops Parth from meeting Shorvori. Teni hides the big secret from him. She asks Parth to let Shorvori rest. Shorvori comes home after meeting the doctor. Teni doesn’t want to separate them. She is helpless thinking how will Parth accept the truth. Teni is worried for Shorvori.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:

Devi’s family comes to meet her at Rajawat’s house. Adhiraj’s mum doesn’t let Devi meet her uncle. She insults Devi’s family and asks them to dance, as the dancers didn’t turn up. Devi doesn’t let her Bua and Mami to dance, and takes the ghungroos from them. Devi doesn’t lose and comes as the dancer. Devi does her own Mu dikhai. Devi can’t see her family getting insulted. Devi knows nothing can be normal with her in Rajawat family.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:
Anami doesn’t leave Lal Mahal after she feels her blood is calling her. Vatsalya’s call makes her bound to fulfill her responsibilities. She returns to Lal Mahal after fighting with her heart and ending her dilemma. Someone misbehaves with Poonam. Anami makes the guy apologize to Poonam, while Kamini opposes Anami’s doings. The guy apologizes for his mistake.

Piyaa Albela:
Naren gets angry on seeing Pooja. He has suppressed much frustration within. Pooja has to control her love and emotions, to behave like a unaffected professional. Mayank stops Naren from drinking wine and faces an insult. Naren gets angry when he fails to get any info about Pooja. Naren gets a shock when Pooja calls Harish home. Pooja aims to unite Naren’s family again and bring his life back on track. Surbhi’s insecurities get high after Pooja’s return.


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