High Five Spoilers

Ishqbaaz Internet Wala Love

The show will have big changes. Arjun and Saanjh will be seen in a different avatar. Jhanvi and Suman are seen bonding with their son in law Arjun. The show has got a leap. Saanjh turns into an ideal wife. Arjun is happy and got more rich. Arjun has become a business tycoon. He introduces his family to the media. He tells everyone that Saanjh is her best friend, life, love and my wife. He introduces Suman and Jhanvi as his cool mums in law. Suman says I m a cool Saas, so Arjun doesn’t let me go anywhere. Arjun gets his naughty daughter, who dominates everyone at home. They live a happy family, away from Maya’s shadow. Arjun’s daughter gets to hear about Maya by the reporter and asks Arjun about him. Arjun gets angry on reporters and sends them out of his house.


Gurumaa and Dayavanti have made a plan against Neil and Avni. Neil also wants to expose Gurumaa on Vijayadashami eve. Neil cries and rests in Bebe’s lap, telling her about Juhi. Neela tells Bebe that Neil is thinking of Juhi. Bebe wants to know if Neil still loves Juhi. Neil is making a plan to free Juhi and Ali.

Neil explains Bebe that just Avni is in his life and none can take her life. He worries for Avni. He has forgotten Juhi. He is moving on in life. Neil goes to check Raghu pandit in jail, and shocks her by his presence. He tells her that he knows she is Ragini pandit and he will catch her red handed when she does her next crime. She acts innocent in front of her. He says your time got over, you will be going jail forever, I have got evidence against you. Neil gives her much tension.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Naira has shot Rukmani by the real gun in the game. Rukmani doesn’t get hurt by the real bullet and thanks Naira for missing the aim. All the ladies are taken by police, even when Naira tries to explain inspector about the party theme. They all get embarrassed on reaching police station. The ladies were playing Chor police and got to meet real police. Kirti feels responsible for all this. She tells everyone that they all landed in jail because of her kiddish plans. Dadi asks Kirti and Naira not to feel bad.

Dil Se Dil Tak:
Shorvori and Teni have become friends and share sorrows. Parth tries creating a romantic moment for Shorvori. Parth’s birthday calls for celebrations. The family plans to celebrate his birthday. Shorvori falls down. Parth saves her. She gives him best wishes. Parth asks her why is she changing so much. She doesn’t give any gift to him. She acts rude and goes. Teni suggests Parth to sing a song for Shorvori. Shorvori gets away from him and sheds tears. Her illness brought her closer to Teni. Teni is upset as Parth doesn’t know about Shorvori’s illness. There will be many twists ahead.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Bhairavi is planning against Bharadwaj family again. Sameer and Sanjana have a romantic moment. They are happy to be together. They have started a new life. Sameer starts acting to be sleeping, and hears Sanjana’s sweet love confession. Sanjana promises to give him happiness, as he has gone through a lot. Bhairavi comes to break their romance. She asks them to come for breakfast. Sameer asks her not to feel bad, but he decided that Sanjana will make breakfast for him. Sanjana asks him to let Bhairavi make it, if she wants. Bhairavi says I m glad that Sameer cares for you, its okay for me. She gets angry and thinks of revenge.

Ye Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:
Sameer has to get good marks and become head boy of the school. Exams have time and everyone suffer from exam jitters. Naina is worried for Sameer’s performance in the exams. Sameer is also in stress and wants to prove he is the best. Naina is helping him. She is the school topper and giving him classes to make him pass in the exam. She is worried for his result. Sameer will make Naina fall in another trouble.


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