Jhanvi creates troubles for herself in Woh Apna Sa


Nisha tells Jhanvi that she wanted to spend time with Aditya. She acts innocent and tells Jhanvi that she is close to lose her life. She doesn’t want Aditya to know her illness and pity her. Jhanvi remembers her promise and tells her that she will make Aditya spend time with her. She wants Nisha to get Aditya’s time and attention. Nisha thanks Jhanvi for supporting her in such a tough time. Jhanvi gets fooled. She doesn’t want to break Nisha’s trust by sharing anything with Aditya.

On the other hand, Nisha angers Aditya by telling him about Jhanvi and Samar’s growing bond. Aditya gets provoked knowing Jhanvi’s decision to work with Samar. She tells him that Jhanvi wants to move on with Samar and is knowing him by spending more time. She asks Aditya to be happy for Jhanvi and Samar’s relation. He asks Nisha to stop her nonsense. Aditya meets Jhanvi to confront her. Aditya asks Jhanvi to accept that she doesn’t care for him. He asks her to stop her drama and tell him where he stands in her life. Aditya loses trust on Jhanvi.


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