Neelima to harm Supriya’s life in Piyaa Albela


Pooja gets Harish home. Harish meets Supriya after a long time. Supriya has lost her mental balance after getting wrong medicines for her memory loss. She gets scared of Harish. Harish keeps the breakfast for her. He gives her favorite tamarind. He tries to remind her their old memories. Supriya attacks on Harish and makes him leave. Mayank tries to show Naren the right way. He tells Naren that he has made many enemies in his life. Naren is not scared of anyone. Pooja gets to hear their conversation.

Neelima looks forward to meet Rahul, who is returning home from jail. Neelima feels her strength is coming back. Naren gets angry on Pooja and confronts her for her drama. Pooja tells him that he has no right to question her. Naren ties her in the bathroom and asks her to pack her bags and leave soon. Naren hurts her, much to her shock.

Naren is broken because of Pooja. He goes to Supriya and cries seeing her. He feeds the food to Supriya. Naren goes to give high medicine dose to Supriya. He is much drunk and loses senses. He wants to make Pooja leave from the house. He adds the medicines in the soup, but his conscience stops him from harming Supriya. He feels he would not be able to forgive himself and leaves from there by controlling his hatred for Pooja. Neelima comes there and feeds the soup to Supriya, which makes her state turn bad. The blame would be coming on Pooja.


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