Shivay and Dadi to organize a couple game in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz: New twists mark beginning of fresh love tale

Shivay waits for Anika’s return to surprise her. He has two big surprises for Anika. Anika wishes to hear his love confession, after feeling there is no guarantee of life. Shivay thinks of giving his recorded love confession to Anika and surprise her. Shivay surprises Anika by doing unexpected things. Gauri wants Omkara to accept her as his wife in front of the world. Bhavya takes time to think about Manav’s proposal. Rudra badly misses Bhavya and wishes she returns to Oberoi mansion.

Dadi is afraid that a hidden secret can come out because of Pinky. She feels Shivay and Anika’s life will suffer by this truth. Shivay asks Dadi what is she talking about. Dadi doesn’t tell him anything. Gauri joins an English class to learn English speaking skills. Gauri starts the learning process.

Shivay gets happy that Anika is coming. Anika comes back home by a bus, and thanks Shivay for all his help. The family gets happy having Anika back. Anika starts her drama to make Shivay confess his feelings. She serves him the thanks nicely. Dadi tells Anika that she wants everyone to be happy. Anika gets sad hearing about Jhanvi. She fears anything can happen anytime and one should always speak the feelings in time. Shivay plans to have a function. He asks Dadi to organize a function as he has plans to make Anika happy. Dadi agrees to him.

Anika gets happy knowing about Shivay’s surprise. She thanks him for getting Sahil’s custody. She gets too emotional. Shivay knows what Sahil means to her. She understands he will not be able to confess love. She expresses love to Shivay once again.

Shwetlana threatens Jhanvi. She asks her to cooperate with her and not try any foolish plans again. Jhanvi doesn’t get scared of Shwetlana and threatens to kill her. Shwetlana succeeds to hurt Jhanvi. Jhanvi comes home and tells everyone that Shwetlana is after a painting. Shivay is sure that Shwetlana’s secret will be out once they get the painting. Omkara worries for Gauri. Shivay asks him to let Gauri be free, she will come after she finishes her work. Dadi organizes a function to test all the couples. Everyone gets geared up to play the interesting couple game. Meanwhile, Shwetlana blackmails Tej. She asks him not to make any plans along Jhanvi. Tej and Jhanvi get in trouble.


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