Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Naamkarann: Neil and Avni prepare for the Durga puja. Bebe does the arrangements at home. She tells Avni that she believes all their problems will get solved after the Durga puja. Avni promises to get the clay for the Durga idol. Neil plans to confess his love to Avni. He feels he has delayed a lot till now. Neil raids in the jail and looks for Dayavanti. Dayavanti falls in trouble because of Neil’s sudden raid. Neil tells DD that they have to raid in Rangmahal as well and that way they can free Ali, Juhi and many trapped people there.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3:

Someone comes to meet Advay and Sasha. The person wants to help Sasha win Advay’s love sooner so that they can get married. Sasha gets help to make Chandni away from Advay. Sasha tries spending more time with Advay. She calls a press conference and announces her marriage with Advay, that’s going to happen with in three days. Advay agrees to marry Sasha. Chandni receives a shock. She confronts Advay over his decision to marry Sasha. He tells Chandni that their marriage doesn’t mean anything to him and he will surely marry Sasha. Chandni promises Advay that she will not let him succeed in his plans. She doesn’t spoil the press meet and shows she equally cares for his respect and image.


Shivay waits for Anika’s return to surprise her. He has two big surprises for Anika. Anika wishes to hear his love confession, after feeling there is no guarantee of life. Shivay thinks of giving his recorded love confession to Anika and surprise her. Shivay then gives her the news of getting Sahil’s custody from her Bua. Shivay surprises Anika by doing unexpected things. Even Gauri surprises Omkara by learning English to prove she is the best match for Omkara. Gauri wants Omkara to accept her as his wife in front of the world. Bhavya takes time to think about Manav’s proposal. Rudra badly misses Bhavya and wishes she returns to Oberoi mansion.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

Adhiraj gets drunk and meets Anami. He doesn’t want to listen to anything. Adhiraj gets close to her, being not in senses. Narottam protects Anami and takes a stand for her. Narottam meets Sudha and tells her how has has protected Anami from the CBI officer. Sudha asks him to keep his focus on Anami and win her trust. Satrupa asks Anami to stay away from Narottam, as he can’t be trusted. Anami doesn’t pay heed to Satrupa’s warnings. Anami goes out with Narottam. Anami teaches martial arts to Narottam. Narottam’s masculinity looks weird and puts her in doubt. Adhiraj meets Anami to know about every member of Lal Mahal. Anami finds him getting suspicious of her intentions and agrees to help him.

Meri Durga:

Durga tells Sanjay about the societal pressures on her family. She wants to focus on just the race championship. She tells Sanjay that she can’t come to his house to fulfill Gayatri’s conditions. Sanjay worries to tell Gayatri that Durga has refused for giving any tests. Gayatri asks Sanjay if Durga is not coming to qualify as her bahu. Sanjay gets speechless. Gayatri tells him that Durga doesn’t deserve to become his life partner, as he is not important in her life. Durga surprises Sanjay by turning up at his house. She accepts Gayatri’s challenge. Durga learns Gayatri is Sanjay’s mum and wants to know more about her. She recalls how Gayatri has insulted her family.

Love Ka Hai Intezaar:
Inder comes up with a plan to get Ayaan and Mohini secretly married, so that Vijaylaxmi fails in her attempt to get Ayaan married to Madhav. Inder takes a big risk and plays the game with Vijaylaxmi. He doesn’t know that Vijaylaxmi is tapping his phone and spying on him to check if he is double crossing her. Vijaylaxmi learns about Ayaan and Mohini’s marriage. She threatens Inder about his busineess. Inder and Ayaan come in much pressure seeing the CBI troubling them. Ayaan unwilling decides to leave Mohini. Ayaan gets engaged to Madhav for the sake of his family.


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