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    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ruhi misbehaves with Adi and Ishita. Romi calms down Ruhi and wants to solve the matters. Ruhi doesn’t listen to anyone. Ishita tries to reason out Raman. She asks Raman not to pose rules on Ruhi. Romi consoles Ruhi and tells her he will support her in making her love story. Raman doesn’t want any character certificate of Nikhil from Ishita. He tells Ishita that Ruhi has to agree to his decision. Ruhi also rebels against Raman, when the family explains her to let some time pass. Ishita tells Ruhi that she will explain Raman again, and asks her not to take any wrong step. Ishita gifts clothes to everyone for Mata ki chowki, organized at home. Everyone praises Ishita for being very dutiful. Raman stays upset with her when she supports Ruhi.


    Dadi keeps the couple game at home, so that it brings some good moments in the family. Pinky spoils the fun by dragging small things. Dadi asks her not to ruin the fun. Omkara and Gauri have some differences between them. Dadi asks Gauri to find her life partner. Gauri gets blindfold and reaches Omkara, which surprises everyone. Shivay asks Omkara to say some poetry for Gauri. Gauri asks Omkara not to do anything unwillingly. Gauri hides that she is learning english. Shivay and Anika play the game and get the task to gift each other something special. Anika gifts herself to Shivay. Shivay gifts her Sahil’s custody. They both have a romantic moment. Anika and Shivay get emotional by their wonderful and thoughtful gifts. Shivay expresses his love for Anika.

    The girls enjoy the hens party and dance. They get a surprise when Kirti’s friend sends a male entertainer. The girls ask him to leave. The guy dances and tells them that none can stop him from doing his work, he can’t leave without getting a good feedback. He dances for them, and makes them more uncomfortable. The girls make the male dancer leave. Naira thinks of calling Kartik. Both the gangs feel guilty after the sudden things. Kartik lies to Naira about the dancer.


    Neil doesn’t know what’s in Avni’s heart. Neil and Avni plan to free Juhi by going Rangmahal. He asks Avni to take rest. Neil stays worried when he fails to get permission for searching Rangmahal. Neil tells Avni that his hands are tied by law, he won’t be able to help Juhi, Ali or anyone else stuck there. Avni tells him that she doesn’t know laws, but they should go ahead when their intentions are true. She asks him to believe in Lord, they will find some way. Avni gets an idea from Bebe, by knowing about Vijayadashami. Avni also decides to go to Rangmahal so that she can nab the culprits.

    IPKKND 3:

    Advay doesn’t like Chandni because of some misunderstandings. He tells Nani that he will not keep his relation with Chandni, as she is a big fraud. He tells everyone that Chandni has left her own child, she can never love anyone in her life. He feels Sasha deserves to be his life partner. Chandni tells him that she trusts him, and knows he will always respect their marriage vows. She finds out that Advay was attending business calls and had no relation with Sasha. Chandni tells Sasha that Dev is her childhood love. Sasha and Chandni challenge each other about Advay. Chandni asks Sasha to do anything, but Advay will just be her husband.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Dadi asks everyone to wash Anami’s feet and do the rituals. Baldev opposes her. Dadi does emotional blackmail and convinces Baldev for the rituals. Baldev washes Anami’s feet. Dadi asks him to show some affection towards Anami. Satrupa gets happy seeing Baldev agreeing to Dadi. Pujan thinks to find an escape, but Dadi makes him do the rituals as well. Anami makes Pujan wash and clean her feet. Satrupa washes her feet. She asks Anami to adapt to Lal Mahal customs. Anami is hurt that Satrupa has snatched away her relations with her. She scolds Satrupa for breaking relations for her greed. Satrupa doesn’t get affected. Dada ji refuses to do the rituals. Dadi welcomes her house Laxmi Anami at home.