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    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira tries to know about Kartik’s party theme. He doesn’t tell her the theme. He asks her not to get theme between them. He tells her that he can’t cheat his boys gang by telling theme. He understands Naira has a bet with someone. She accepts she had a bet with Kirti that she will make her know the theme. They both challenge that their party will be better one. Manish gets an antique gun and asks Akhilesh to keep it safely. Kartik and Naira don’t let anyone know their themes. They then learn the theme is same.


    Dadi is afraid that a hidden secret can come out because of Pinky. She feels Shivay and Anika’s life will suffer by this truth. Shivay asks Dadi what is she talking about. Dadi doesn’t tell him anything. Gauri joins an English class to learn English speaking skills. Gauri starts the learning process.

    Shivay gets happy that Anika is coming. Anika comes back home by a bus, and thanks Shivay for all his help. The family gets happy having Anika back. Anika starts her drama to make Shivay confess his feelings. She serves him the thanks nicely. Dadi tells Anika that she wants everyone to be happy. Anika gets sad hearing about Jhanvi. She fears anything can happen anytime and one should always speak the feelings in time. Shivay plans to have a function. He asks Dadi to organize a function as he has plans to make Anika happy. Dadi agrees to him.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    The family welcomes Kiran at home. Everyone celebrates Bala and Kiran’s marriage. Iyers get glad finding all the rasams done by Ishita at home. The Bhallas and Iyers decide to celebrate Navratri. Ishita plans to tell Ruhi about Nikhil’s truth so that Ruhi finds some peace in her life. Kiran supports Bala and tells him that she wants to take care of his children and become their mum before becoming his wife. Kiran’s sweet gesture wins Bala’s heart. Mrs. Iyer finds Kiran the perfect match for Bala.

    Avni is taken to Gurumaa. She makes the excuse that she has come to take the clay for making idol. Gurumaa jokes on the strange fact that women belonging to good families come to them to borrow some clay for the idol. Avni gets to meet Juhi. She learns that Juhi is the next target to human trafficking. She gifts Juhi a Ganpati idol, in which she has fixed an audio tracking device. Neil gets Avni back to secure her life. He gets upset with her for going to Rangmahal without his permission. She tells him that Juhi is in trouble, they have less time to save Juhi, as Gurumaa has sold her to someone. Neil gets a big shock knowing this.

    IPKKND 3:

    Chandni wants to find out if anything happened between Advay and Sasha. She takes help from Nani. She grows insecure. Nani keeps some post marriage rituals for Advay and Chandni. Advay does everything half heartedly. Chandni gets angry on Advay for cheating in the rituals. He tells her that he will break their relation, which is lifeless for him. Chandni tells him that she will not let him succeed in this. Chandni learns nothing happened between Advay and Sasha. Sasha tries making Chandni jealous by her romantic story.


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