Neela to punish Aman for his bad deeds in Naamkarann


Aman reaches Neil’s house and suffocates Riya’s house, scolding her for giving evidence to Neil. Riya denies to give any proof to Neil. Aman asks her how can she cheat Dayavanti and him. Neela hears the truth from him. She scolds him and asks how is he Avni’s brother, how can he try to sell Avni in Rangmahal. Neela beats up Aman angrily. She gets to know his truth. She asks him not to call Avni as sister again. Neela gets much angry and confronts him. Aman asks Neela not too dare to slap him again. Neela shouts on him for selling Avni and beats him with a stick. She asks him will he scare her now, how can he think of this, knowing his sister has done a lot for him till now. Nanno also asks Neela to beat Aman. Neela says you will never meet Avni now, you can’t be called her brother from now on. Aman had come to confront Riya and didn’t know his truth will come out. Neil and Neela learn Aman is still supporting Dayavanti. Neela loses all her temper knowing his bad deed. Aman tells them that he will not help them in finding Avni now.

Neela asks Neil to arrest Aman. She tells she will kill Aman and free earth from the burden of evil. Neil got suspended because of Aman. He tells Aman that he can’t help him now, as he has no powers in his hand, all thanks to him. He scares Aman and tells how Neela will punish him. Aman gets worried. He gets much beaten up and cries out. Neil asks Neela to beat Aman till he gets his senses. Neela tries to fill some sense in Aman’s mind.



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