Neil to find Ragini Pandit’s identity in Naamkarann


Neil doesn’t know what’s in Avni’s heart. Neil and Avni plan to free Juhi by going Rangmahal. He asks Avni to take rest. Neil stays worried when he fails to get permission for searching Rangmahal. Neil tells Avni that his hands are tied by law, he won’t be able to help Juhi, Ali or anyone else stuck there. Avni tells him that she doesn’t know laws, but they should go ahead when their intentions are true. She asks him to believe in Lord, they will find some way. Avni gets an idea from Bebe, by knowing about Vijayadashami. Avni also decides to go to Rangmahal so that she can nab the culprits.

Avni tells Neil that she will go to Rangmahal as a spy, and she will not need any law backup. She promises to get evidences for him. Neil doesn’t want her to take big risk. She says even Ali can be there, he maybe needing help. Neil doesn’t get ready to send her.


Neela tells Avni that Aman is lying a lot and he has gone to meet Dayavanti in jail. Avni fears that Aman is getting under bad influence. Avni meets Dayavanti and warns her against meeting Aman. Avni helps Neil know Ragini pandit’s identity. Neil gets an evidence against Ragini pandit. They doubt on Dayavanti’s involvement. Avni tells Neil that Ragini pandit was in Rangmahal. Neil goes to check on her in jail.


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