Anami to seek Adhiraj’s help in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Dadi asks everyone to wash Anami’s feet and do the rituals. Baldev opposes her. Dadi does emotional blackmail and convinces Baldev for the rituals. Baldev washes Anami’s feet. Dadi asks him to show some affection towards Anami. Satrupa gets happy seeing Baldev agreeing to Dadi. Pujan thinks to find an escape, but Dadi makes him do the rituals as well. Anami makes Pujan wash and clean her feet. Satrupa washes her feet. She asks Anami to adapt to Lal Mahal customs. Anami is hurt that Satrupa has snatched away her relations with her. She scolds Satrupa for breaking relations for her greed. Satrupa doesn’t get affected. Dada ji refuses to do the rituals. Dadi welcomes her house Laxmi Anami at home.

Pujan and Kamini feel Dadi and Satrupa have got together. Kamini turns much insecure. Pujan asks them not to worry, he will make a plan such that business comes in his hand on its own.

Narottam gifts Sudha’s bangles to Anami. He tells her that he didn’t have courage to gift it to her in front of everyone. He tells her that Sudha is much away from him. He asks her not to wear the bangles and just keep it. He tells her that he can take her to some place where she can breath freely. Anami agrees to go with him. Anami tells him about her meet with Vatsalya. She tells him that Vatsalya was murdered and she will find his murderers. She feels just Adhiraj can help her in solving the murder case. Narottam agrees to help her in meeting Adhiraj.


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