Pooja to shift in Vyas mansion in Piyaa Albela


A girl spikes Naren’s drink to take revenge. Naren has earned many enemies in a short span. The girl tries to frame Naren. Pooja saves Naren in nick of the time and holds the club responsible for Naren’s state. Pooja asks Naren why is he taking her support when he hates women. Naren gets much drunk. Pooja taunts him to get under her favor, which will surely break his ego. Pooja worries seeing Naren’s state. She tells him that he has failed today.

Pooja will be celebrating Naren’s birthday in a grand way. Pooja will surprise him, but Naren will not like her presence at his house. Pooja gets a cake for him. She announces that she will stay in the house. No one remembers Naren’s birthday, but Pooja celebrates it. Naren gets angry seeing her. She asks Surbhi to take care of Pooja. Pooja has come with a motive to take care of Supriya and find out who has given her the high dose of medicines.
Naren is heartbroken as Pooja has cheated him in love. He was trying to send her to jail by Supriya’s matter. Pooja shows the medical reports and tells him that she was not at home when Supriya was given overdose, and she will not go till she knows the entire truth. Naren doesn’t know Neelima is behind the conspiracy.


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