Raman’s wrath on Ishita-Ruhi next in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ruhi misbehaves with Adi and Ishita. Romi calms down Ruhi and wants to solve the matters. Ruhi doesn’t listen to anyone. Ishita tries to reason out Raman. She asks Raman not to pose rules on Ruhi. Romi consoles Ruhi and tells her he will support her in making her love story. Raman doesn’t want any character certificate of Nikhil from Ishita. He tells Ishita that Ruhi has to agree to his decision. Ruhi also rebels against Raman, when the family explains her to let some time pass. Ishita tells Ruhi that she will explain Raman again, and asks her not to take any wrong step.

Ishita gifts clothes to everyone for Mata ki chowki, organized at home. Everyone praises Ishita for being very dutiful. Raman stays upset with her when she supports Ruhi.

Adi tells Raman that Ruhi has gone to buy chunris. Ruhi gets to meet Nikhil. Romi looks for Ruhi and doesn’t get her. Adi asks Raman not to to worry, and goes to get Ruhi home. Adi finds Ruhi with Nikhil, and scolds her. Romi asks Nikhil to leave from their house. Romi and Adi get into a fight with Nikhil.

Raman learns the matter, when Romi and Adi get Ruhi home. Raman gets angry knowing about Nikhil. Raman and Ishita get into an argument over Ruhi. Adi tells Raman that Ruhi has slapped Romi for Nikhil’s sake. Raman makes Ruhi out of the house. Ishita takes Ruhi’s side and asks him to slap her before raising hand on Ruhi. Raman asks Ishita to leave along with Ruhi. Ishita’s life gets stuck at a tough point. Ishita didn’t think this will happen with her. All this happens because she takes a stand to save Ruhi and Nikhil’s relation.


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