Bhairavi plans a fatal attack on Simar


Bhairavi attacks Simar, after fooling her and taking her to the temple. Simar and Prem take Sameer and Sanjana for the Navratri puja. Pandit tells Simar about the abshagun. Simar goes to get Mata rani chunri. Bhairavi catches her. She hits Simar on the head and injures her. Simar shouts to Prem to get help. Simar was feeling Bhairavi is repenting. Prem and everyone didn’t see Simar’s state. Bhairavi tells Simar that her Mata rani is not helping her. She drags Simar and tells her that her goodness will end during Navratri. She puts Simar in the pool.

Simar has much belief in Mata rani. Bhairavi tells her that Simar has much pride about her beliefs, evil always wins over good, and evil will win once again. She tells Simar that she has challenged Mata Rani today. Prem and entire family look for Simar. Prem thinks where did Simar go. Simar knows good always wins over evil. Bhairavi has used the chance and told Mata rani to get her Simar to herself. Prem will be finding Simar and saving her life.


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