Soumya to uncover a huge secret in Shakti


Preeto finds a new way to trouble Soumya. Soumya wants to tell Surbhi her problems. She manages to meet Surbhi. She wants to share why she is changing her behavior and hurting Harman to make distance from him. She was trying to alert Surbhi to leave the city with Varun and family. Surbhi didn’t realize why is Soumya so afraid. Preeto follows Soumya and stops her. Soumya gets worried seeing her. Surbhi leaves from there. Preeto asks Soumya how dare she try to go against her. She threatens her about Surbhi. Soumya apologizes to Preeto and begs her.

Preeto doesn’t want to melt her heart. Soumya has fallen in her feet. Preeto scolds her. Soumya asks Preeto not to do anything to Surbhi. Preeto asks her to just obey her else she would be losing Surbhi forever. Soumya doesn’t want Surbhi to get hurt. She promises she will not try to tell anything to her family again. Harman and Soumya recall a happy moment of the past. Soumya will be knowing the secret of the locked room.


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