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    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Adi and Raman get angry on Ruhi for raising hand on Romi. The guests make a news out of this. Raman and everyone go home to settle the matter. Kiran defends Bhalla family in front of the guests. Raman asks Ruhi how did she slap Romi. He asks Ruhi to slap Romi in front of him. Raman gets angry on her, and tells her that she can’t meet Nikhil now. Adi tells Raman that Ruhi has gone to meet Nikhil by going against everyone. Ruhi tells Raman that she couldn’t see Romi beating Nikhil. Raman asks Ruhi to leave from his house. He gets adamant to oust her from the house. Adi and Ruhi get into an argument. Ishita takes Ruhi’s side. Ruhi becomes a reason for the peace breaking. Ishita asks Raman not to force his decisions on Ruhi. She blames him for everything. After the blame game, Ruhi tells her decision that she will meet Nikhil.


    Rukmani gets saved by the bullet shot by Naira. The police misunderstands them, when they tell about the hens party and Daku police game. Inspector doesn’t believe them and arrests them. Manish asks Naksh and Kartik to enjoy more. Kartik fears Manish will put them in any new problem. Naitik also gets ready to drive the bike and race. The elderly men get in full swing to race, while the youngsters ask them to stop. The police catches them for racing on public road, and having bikes without any licence.

    IPKKND 3:

    Adi teaches a lesson to Sasha, by mixing the spoiled cream. Sasha’s hair get damaged. Sasha complains to Advay about Chandni. She gets scared of Chandni’s challenge. Advay tells Chandni that he will just marry the one he loves and he will be spending his time with just Sasha. Chandni doesn’t take Advay seriously. Chandni leaves the hens inside Advay’s room to make him away from Sasha. Advay gets scared of the hens. Chandni goes to help him. She takes Advay with him. Chandni succeeds in breaking Advay and Sasha.


    Rudra gets mistaken that Bhavya is getting married to someone. He apologizes to the bride and asks her to give him a chance. He learns Bhavya is not the bride. Rudra’s confusion gets cleared. He goes to find Bhavya. He finds Bhavya. She tells him that she is going away from him forever. Rudra asks him to give him a chance to prove he is not so immature. Rudra boards the train with Bhavya. They revive their relationship by a fresh start.


    Neil tells Avni that he can get a search warrant for Rangmahal if he gets a clue against Ragini pandit. They get to know that Gurumaa is going back to jail. Neil and his staff keep an eye at the central jail area. Neil gets tricked. Gurumaa fools Neil and tells him that she went to the hospital for treatment. Neil tells her that he knows everything about her. He warns her that her games will end now, as he knows her identity that she is Raghu pandit. Gurumaa acts innocent in front of him. Neil tells her that he will soon get the evidence and slap on her face. He asks her to try everything to save herself. He meets the commissioner and tells him about Ragini pandit. He doesn’t get any help from seniors.


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