Manish tries to save the day in Yeh Rishta Kya….


Rukmani gets saved by the bullet shot by Naira. The police misunderstands them, when they tell about the hens party and Daku police game. Inspector doesn’t believe them and arrests them. Manish asks Naksh and Kartik to enjoy more. Kartik fears Manish will put them in any new problem. Naitik also gets ready to drive the bike and race. The elderly men get in full swing to race, while the youngsters ask them to stop. The police catches them for racing on public road, and having bikes without any licence.

Manish puts the blame on youngsters. Kartik and Naksh tell inspector that they are innocent. Inspector asks them to come with them. Manish is not allowed to call minister. They all ask inspector to understand. The women also explain police about their game party. They make the inspector mad and land in lockup. They see the men coming and hide faces. They then learn even the men got arrested. Both men and women get embarrassed seeing each other. Manish tries using his contacts. The women learn their mistake. Kartik and Naira start arguing in the police station.


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