Sasha plans Chandni’s exit in Iss Pyaar Ko 3


Adi teaches a lesson to Sasha, by mixing the spoiled cream. Sasha’s hair get damaged. Sasha complains to Advay about Chandni. She gets scared of Chandni’s challenge. Advay tells Chandni that he will just marry the one he loves and he will be spending his time with just Sasha. Chandni doesn’t take Advay seriously. Chandni leaves the hens inside Advay’s room to make him away from Sasha. Advay gets scared of the hens. Chandni goes to help him. She takes Advay with him. Chandni succeeds in breaking Advay and Sasha.

She gets Advay’s hand joined to her. She tells him that he can’t stay with Sasha now. Advay gets adamant to be with Sasha. Chandni finds a way and blackmails him about revealing the big secret. She tells him that she knows he has given his kidney to Adi. Advay gets worried and agrees to her condition. He clears to her that she will never win his love. She tries to make him understand its her love, that is making her do all this. Advay refuses to be with her, but gets helpless. Advay tries to get their hands separated. Chandni tells him that she has won somehow. He tells her that his feelings will always be same for Sasha. Chandni teases Sasha by telling of her romantic time with Advay. Sasha challenges Chandni. Nani encourages Chandni to stick to her love and keep trying.


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