Nandkishore to get a life threat in Swabhimaan


Chauhan house has got vacant. Nandkishore is left alone. Dada ji and Karan try to explain him. Nandkishore sees a funeral ready. Dada ji asks him what is the matter, who was that man who has come here. Nandkishore tells him that Rudra has come and ruined the house, he has ruined the things. Rudra has threatened Nandkishore about the property. Karan and Dada ji get shocked seeing Nandkishore’s scared state. Nandkishore hugs Dada ji and weeps. Nandkishore tells Dada ji that he has sent Rudra back, he didn’t get scared of anything. He says he came like an animal and threatened to kill our family. Dada ji asks him to complain to police.

Nandkishore says police can’t do anything. Nandkishore breaks the funeral pyre. Dada ji says there has to be some solution to this problem. He tells Dada ji that he will not let anyone know this, as he will get insulted. Nirmala, Naina, Meghna and Khyati are made to leave the house. Meghna and Naina wish all the best to Vishal and Khyati for their married life. Nandkishore just has support of Karan and Dada ji. Will they be able to help Nandkishore? Will Meghna and Naina come to back up Nandkishore? Keep reading.



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