Aman’s big deceive: Neil loses track of Avni in Naamkarann


Neil has reached Rangmahal to find Avni. Neil has to free Avni and Juhi from Gurumaa’s clutches. Neil gets a search warrant and raids the Rangmahal. Neil and DD check the Rangmahal. Avni, Juhi and other girls are tied and locked in the secret chamber. Avni manages to get free from the ropes and runs upstairs to call out Neil. She reaches the door and shouts to Neil to get help. The police tries to find the girls. Neil doesn’t find Avni. Neil gets close to that secret chamber and misses to hear her.

Aman is supporting Dayavanti and catches her, when he sees her running to Neil. He makes her smell chloroform and faints her. Aman stops her from reaching Neil. Neil gets angry and tells DD that Gurumaa has cleared all the evidence. Aman is supporting Dayavanti and Gurumaa. Neil loses hope to find Avni. DD asks him to not lose courage.



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