Dayavanti to reveal Avni’s truth to Juhi in Naamkarann


Neil and Avni have a moment. She asks him to sleep peacefully, as they will surely find some way. Avni doesn’t want to see Neil hurt. She thinks to do something and get evidence to help Neil. She feels bad seeing him lost and helpless. She makes a plan to reach Rangmahal by risking her life. Avni reaches the market when Gurumaa’s goons are coming. She provokes the goons to get kidnapped. Gurumaa orders her men to get Avni to Rangmahal. Ballu gets Avni to Rangmahal and throws her in Juhi’s room. Neil wonders where is Avni. He realizes Avni has made this plan to go to Rangmahal and save Juhi. He asks DD how did he allow this to happen. Avni contacts Neil and DD through the audio device. Anika asks him not to get angry on her plan, but she had to do this to end the evil Raavan. Juhi feels sorry for Avni. She thinks of giving the Ganesh idol to Avni.

Dayavanti learns Juhi is Neil’s girlfriend. She feels she has Neil’s past and present in her hand. Avni gets caught by in Rangmahal. She determines to save every innocent girl. She challenges Ballu that Neil will save her. Avni says she has realized love after meeting Neil. Neil hears her and feels she is taking big risk to provoke the goons. Neil doesn’t want Avni to meet Gurumaa.

Ballu tells Avni that Gurumaa will sell her off. Neela tells Shweta that Juhi is alive. Shweta and Bebe get a shock knowing this. Neela asks Shweta to be happy now, as she just wanted this to happen. Neela tells Bebe that Avni is risking her life and love by her big sacrifice. She tells Prakash that Avni is going to get Juhi back in Neil’s life. She requests them to get Avni her rights. She doesn’t want any injustice to happen. Dayavanti meets Avni and Juhi, and tells them that she knows everything about their common link Neil. She tries to use Juhi against Avni.


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