Shorvori doubles up Parth’s sorrow in Dil Se Dil Tak


Parth tries to convince Shorvori, but she makes him more annoyed and helpless. Teni gets a fruit cake for Parth. Parth likes the cake and wants to celebrate his birthday with Teni and Shorvori. Teni wishes Parth on his birthday. Shorvori doesn’t wish Parth. Teni sends the family member out, so that Shorvori can spend time with Parth. Teni didn’t know Shorvori has planned to hurt Parth’s heart. Parth sings a song for Shorvori, so that she forgets all her annoyance and comes down.

Parth sings Jab koi baat bigad jaye and expresses his emotions. Shorvori comes to taunt him. She asks him to cut the cake and celebrate happiness with Teni. She insults him and goes. Parth holds the knife angrily and hurts his hand. Teni knows it was much painful for Parth and Shorvori. She is also feeling his pain. She is helpless as she can’t tell Parth about Shorvori’s illness. They all fight their own battle. Teni doesn’t want Parth to suffer. She prays to Lord that something happens that brings Parth and Shorvori together. Teni sheds tears and runs to her room. She can’t see Parth crying.


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