Aryan makes a place in Goenka family in Yeh Rishta….


Kartik and Naira, Naksh and Kirti celebrate the mehendi in a filmi way. Aryan has saved them from stormy weather and got them to the ongoing function. Naksh and Kirti’s mehendi gets conducted in the Muslim household. The family tells them that mehendi function can happen anywhere. They offer Naksh and Kirti to celebrate their mehendi with them. They take the traditional avatars. Aryan has gone them here when their car broke down. Kartik and Naira have a cute moment. They didn’t think mehendi rasam can get completed, but there happens a coincidence. Kartik does shayari for Naira and gifts her a rose. Naira gets touched.

They also get a chance to play couple game with the family. The game is to show that life partners can overcome any hurdle and tough times, by being together. Kartik and Naira become the winners. On coming home, Naira gets tensed finding the jewelry missing. Naira tells them that she has lost the jewelry and doubts on Aryan for stealing it. Aryan has a filmi entry and tells them that he has seen the jewelry fallen, he is not from those people who can cheat people for money. Aryan returns the jewelry to them. He tells them that he has come in stormy rain just to return the bridal jewelry. Aryan has connection with Suwarna’s heart. Goenka family asks Aryan to stay with them. Aryan agrees to Kartik’s request.

Kartik and Naira have a romantic moment. They have sweet arguments. She asks him to go and sleep, as she has much work. Kartik tries to romance. She asks him not to disturb her. He asks her to take rest. Kartik thinks of mischief. Dadi is sending them for some work. They have to catch the flight soon. Naksh and Kirti’s haldi will be happening in other city. Naira says I have would planned light clothes if I knew about Dadi’s planning. Dadi wants Kirti to get Kuldevi’s blessings. She keeps the haldi ceremony in her Kuldevi temple.


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