Avni’s Mujra in Rangmahal next in Naamkarann


Dayavanti wants to ruin Avni’s life and make her die every day. Dayavanti orders the girls to get ready for Mujra. Avni shouts for help and fools the men. Ballu tries to inject drugs. Avni stabs him and attacks. Avni, Juhi and the girls beat up Gurumaa’s goons. Avni shows the women power. She tells them that men can’t stand in front of them if they get united and fight with them. She says we have to protect ourselves and have courage, if we get scared, they will scare us more, we should beat them.

Avni uses the protection tricks which Neil taught her. Avni and the girls inject drugs to the goons. She is not scared of anything. Avni tries to run away from Rangmahal. Gurumaa dances and does aarti of Mata rani on Navratri fest. Avni takes a Bengali avatar to attend the aarti. Avni does the Durga puja with Gurumaa. Gurumaa invites someone, whom Avni didn’t see in Rangmahal before. She tries to spy on the person.

Dayavanti pressures Avni to dance. Avni does a Mujra in Rangmahal. Avni is caught up by Gurumaa and Dayavanti. Avni has challenged them that Neil will soon catch them and punish for their sins.

Avni misses Neil and performs. She waits for Neil to come and rescue her and other girls. She sees Neil and gets happy. She imagines Neil and sings the song for him. Dayavanti is happy seeing Avni dancing in Rangmahal. She had this motive to torture Avni. She tells Avni that she belongs to such place, and even her mum Aisha should have been at a brothel. She hurts Avni by bitter words. Gurumaa plans to sell Avni and other girls to the men. Avni’s heart is sure that Neil will come to save her.


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