Shorvori celebrates Parth’s birthday in Dil Se Dil Tak


Shorvori is trying to make Parth and Teni together. She explains Teni to marry Parth and become his wife. Teni doesn’t agree and has hope that Shorvori can get fine. She tells Shorvori that she can recover and live with Parth. Teni feels helpless that she is not able to do anything for Shorvori. She tries finding of any solution for Shorvori’s illness. She prays to Lord for Shorvori’s recovery. They have turned into good friends. Shorvori behaves badly with Teni in front of family members. She pretends to be bad so that the family accepts Teni. Shorvori turns rude and angry, and hurts everyone’s sentiments.

The family plans a surprise birthday party for Parth. Shorvori is living her life’s last moments. She has forgotten her illness. She tries to make the time memorable. The family completes the celebrations. Parth and Shorvori go on shopping. On return, they get surprised seeing the party. The family gets a birthday cake. Parth and Shorvori cut the cake together. Teni sees them from far and is happy that they are coming closer. She wishes they stay happy.


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