Suraj attempts to kill Bhaiya ji in Udaan


Chakor visits a market. She goes to buy bangles. She imagines Suraj with her. She drops her shopping bags and imagines Suraj helping her out. He sees him buying bangles for her. Suraj makes her wear the bangles. Chakor happily cries. Chakor feels his presence around. She looks for Suraj and doesn’t find him. She gets scared and runs on the road. She then imagines him stabbing her. Chakor wants to tell Suraj that she is carrying his child in her womb. She is sure that everything will get fine when Suraj knows about her pregnancy. Imli lies to Suraj about Chakor’s pregnancy, and tells him that Ranvijay has fathered her child. Suraj can’t tolerate this truth and slaps Imli.

He doesn’t believe Imli. Imli fills Suraj and Chakor’s ears against each other to keep them separated. Suraj angrily drives the car and meets with an accident. He sits on the road and cries. He shouts for Chakor’s deceive. Suraj gets mad in anger. He gets much drunk and goes to punish Bhaiya ji. He ties Bhaiya ji and pours wine on him. He scolds him and is about to ignite the fire. Bhaiya ji begs him not to burn him. Tejaswini and Ranjana come there and stop Suraj. Tejaswini slaps Suraj and gets him to senses. Bhaiya ji’s life gets saved. Bhaiya ji feels Suraj has lost it. Suraj is getting his anger out on Bhaiya ji. He blames Bhaiya ji for ruining his life.


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