Karan and Naina’s romance next in Swabhimaan


Naina has come to Chauhan house by getting a maid’s disguise. Karan identifies Naina. He romances her. Karan lifts her veil. Naina tries to leave. Karan tells her that he knows its her. The couple hugs. Karan is happy that Naina is taking care of Dada ji. Sandhya comes there. Naina puts ghunghat on her face and lies to Sandhya that she has come here to clean room.

Sandhya asks her can’t she see Karan is getting ready. She asks the maid to leave from the room. Naina says its not my mistake if he is changing here. Sandhya makes her leave. She asks Karan to keep distance from maids. Naina doesn’t let Sandhya doubt. Dada ji and Karan know Naina is living with them as Pyaari. Naina has changed her voice and looks, and fooling Sandhya and Nandkishore. Sandhya then creates a scene at Meghna and Kunal’s office. Meghna and Naina will make their love win.



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