Neil succeeds to rescue Avni et al. in Naamkarann


Avni stops the man from taking Juhi. The man tells Avni that he has bought Juhi. Gurumaa and Dayavanti ask him to take Juhi. Avni gets in between and doesn’t let them succeed. Dayavanti presents Avni to the men too. The man tells Dayavanti that he will buy Avni. Avni threatens him and tries that nothing wrong happens to anyone. Gurumaa applies sindoor to all the suhaagans. She raises a question on Avni being a suhaagan and being with them. Gurumaa slips and drops the sindoor plate. Avni gets blessings from Durga Maa. Sindoor falls on her. Avni prays for Neil. She waits for Neil.

Neil and his team make a plan to enter Rangmahal. Neil tells the team that they will enter the place by going along the huge idol, none can know them. Neil enters the place secretly. Avni covers her face and hides from the goons. She tries to find an escape. Dayavanti and Aman get to know Neil is coming to Rangmahal with police force.

Aman tells Dayavanti that they can get caught and they should leave fast. Aman steals the money from Gurumaa’s room and tries to leave fast. Neil doesn’t see Dayavanti and Aman. Neil gets Avni and turns emotional. Neil promises her that he will take her along safely. Neil and Avni have a hug and cry. Avni’s trust on Neil gets true. DD finds Ali and frees him. DD and Ali join Neil and Avni. Ali thanks them for coming to save him and showing trust in him.



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