Pooja wins the challenge in Piyaa Albela


Pooja challenges Naren for the Dandiya. She gets ready in a beautiful way. Naren gets mesmerized seeing her. Naren gets angry thinking of the cheat Pooja did with him. He gets jealous when he hears her talking about Mr. Kapoor. Pooja asks him to accept her challenge, and if she loses, she will name all her property to him. Pooja has come back and wants all her family members to get together. Pooja gets Supriya there. Naren hates everyone and also his parents. Pooja feels guilty. Naren has become such because of her one bg decision to leave from his life to save his life. She is trying to make everything fine. Pooja and Naren play Dandiya.

While she love in her eyes, Naren has hatred and anger on her. Pooja has understand the definition of love and always see love in Naren’s eyes. Pooja dances with Naren. She has to change Naren and end all his bitterness. Naren has agreed to her, when she challenged Naren that she will make him fall in Supriya’s feet. She wants Naren to touch Supriya’s feet. They play Dandiya non stop. Naren falls down and reaches Supriya’s feet. He touches her feet. Supriya blesses him. Naren was always from Supriya since many days. Harish and Supriya get emotional seeing Naren. Pooja does this miracle and smiles. Naren loses to Pooja. He turns more angry and leaves. Supriya starts recovering and liking Pooja.


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