More twists in Shivika’s haldi function in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz Shivay lines up surprises for Anika

Anika and Shivay have a romantic meet. Shivay romances her, when she dons a ghunghat on her face to keep up the traditions. They have a filmi romantic moment. Media reaches there. Shivay tells her that media has come as its his marriage. Anika gets jealous when Shivay talks about the girls. She gets angry. Shivay tells her that he just loves her. Someone enters the house in disguise. Dadi does the arrangements for Haldi rasam. She asks Pinky to help her out. Shivay plans a surprise for Anika. He invites Badshah in the haldi ceremony. He gets to see someone, but misses.

Dadi tells Shivay that its his life’s biggest day. She asks him to listen to her. Shivay waits to see how Anika is looking. Abhay compliments Anika. Rudra asks Shivay not to see Anika, as Dadi said. Dadi asks Shivay to get haldi applied by Piinky first. Pinky applies haldi to her son and gets emotional.

Shivay gets desperate to see Anika. Omkara asks him not to spoil the food. Rudra and Omkara have a fight by haldi. They splash haldi on each other, which hits the elders. The family gets involved in the madness. They celebrate haldi by playing holi. Shivay sees Dadi and everyone busy. He takes Anika with him. She fears to see him, thinking something bad will happen. Shivay asks her not to have any fears. Shivay tells her that he wanted to apply haldi to her himself. Shivika celebrate their haldi with some intense romantic moments. Someone spies in the Oberoi mansion. There will be twists with Abhay’s home coming. Abhay wins Dadi and everyone’s hearts pretty early. He hides his motives from everyone.



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