Chandni succeeds in making Sasha away in Iss Pyaar Ko 3


Advay wonders where did Chandni go. Sasha hides Chandni in the freezer. She lies to him that Chandni have got heartbroken and left from the house. Sasha and her dad try to cover up their crime. Nani helps Advay realize his love for Chandni. Advay gets thinking of Chandni. Chandni does the ghost drama and scares Sasha further. Sasha feels its her guilt that she is hallucinating Chandni. Chandni tells Sasha that once she admits all her crimes, she will be free. Sasha admits her crimes, which Chandni records in the camera. Chandni tells Sasha that she didn’t die, this was her plan to trap and expose her. Sasha gets angry on Chandni. She thinks of finding some way to fool Advay.

Sasha makes Advay her brother by tying him a Rakhi. She tells him that she never thought to marry him, as Chandni is his soul mate. Sasha’s silly move shocks the family. Chandni took big risk to make Sasha out of her way. Advay asks Sasha why is she doing this. Sasha asks Advay not to follow her. Advay finds her crazy. Sasha tells him that she has never loved him and now they will be parting ways. Chandni tells Advay that just strong relations get saved from storms. Advay blames her for snatching all relations from him. Chandni asks him to see Sasha’s truth. Advay learns Sasha’s crimes. Chandni proves herself innocent. Advay confronts her for making his family away from him. Chandni learns Advay’s parents’ death truth from Yash.


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