Durga qualifies for the district race in Meri Durga


Durga gets permission from Yashpal to participate in the race. Sanjay thinks of surprising Durga. He goes to cheer her and encourage her for the race. Brij faces the anger of villagers again, when they see Yashpal taking Durga for the race. Dadi feels Yashpal has gone mad. Amrita waits for Durga at the stadium. Sanjay strives to reach the stadium, but Gayatri’s goons stop him. Sanjay gets kidnapped. He fails to support Durga. Yashpal and Amrita stand by Durga. Yashpal gives a final chance to Durga. The villagers get angry on Brij and punish him for making false promises to them. Durga’s running becomes a big problem for the family.

Durga thinks of winning Yashpal’s trust by winning the race. Durga competes with Aarti. Sanjay gets taken away from goons. Gayatri asks her goons not to hurt Sanjay. She gets angry on Durga who is responsible for all this. Yashpal wants to see if love is a barrier for Durga’s success. Durga looks for Sanjay. She wants to prove his love is her strength. Durga runs n the race and manages to win the first round. The final round gets started. Gayatri leaves Sanjay to meet Durga. Durga waits to meet Sanjay. He manages to reach Durga before her final race.


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