Neil and Avni go step ahead in rescue mission in Naamkarann


Avni succeeds to fill courage in the girls and makes them fight with the goons. Avni rescues Juhi and other girls. Aman runs away from Neela’s clutches. He calls Dayavanti and alerts her about Neil. Gurumaa looks for the girls. Neela tells Neil’s family how Aman has been cheating them till now. Avni asks Juhi to take other girls out and goes to rescue Ali. Neil, DD and the team, enter Rangmahal to rescue the people caught in. Gurumaa and Dayavanti find Juhi and other girls, and catch them back.

Juhi tells Gurumaa that Neil will end the evil of society. Juhi fights with Gurumaa courageously, which shocks the latter. Neil happens to see Avni. They both have a moment. Avni wants to get the girls out of the hell. Neil promises to get everyone freed. He tells her that he will not let anyone separate them. He doesn’t want Avni to get hurt. DD rescues Ali. They head to save the girls. Gurumaa holds Juhi at gun point and threatens Neil. Juhi and Neil come face to face again. Gurumaa tells Neil that he can’t do anything against her. She tells Neil that her goons have caught all of them. Neil asks Gurumaa to leave Juhi, else he will not move back to kill her. Dayavanti joins Gurumaa and tells Neil that he can save Juhi by giving away Avni. She tries to make a deal. Neil refuses to leave Avni.


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