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Santoshi Maa:
Santoshi tells Dhairya that Prabal is attacking her. Prabal has given the poison to her. She asks Dhairya to save her. Dhairya reaches the place and finds her dead. Dhairya shouts for her. He lifts Santoshi and takes her. He doesn’t let police take her for post mortem. He believes in Santoshi Maa and is sure that she will save Santoshi. He feels Santoshi can get alive if she gets blessed by the Goddess.

YRKKH: Naksh and Kirti’s haldi gets celebrated in the flight. Manish manages to fly the plane and save everyone from a disaster. Naksh and Kirti’s mid air haldi ceremony becomes special. Everyone dances in the function. Dadi and Bhabhimaa apply haldi to Kirti and Naksh. They all celebrate haldi, when their plan to go to Kuldevi temple fails. The haldi becomes interesting and entertaining.

IPKKND 3:Advay and Chandni will be seen having a romantic moment. Chandni exposes Sasha’s crimes and makes a way in Advay’s heart. He has fallen in love with Chandni. He admits to Maasi that he loves Chandni. He learns Chandni has left the house, and goes to find her. Advay brings Chandni back. Advay and Chandni’s romance will be witnessed before the show ends.

Woh Apna Sa:
Nisha and Samar planned to kill Aditya. Jhanvi reaches Aditya when he becomes a target of Nisha and Samar. Nisha gets mad in anger and gets raging to kill Jhanvi. Samar stops Nisha. Nisha shoots at Aditya and Jhanvi comes in between. Samar doesn’t want Jhanvi to fall in trouble. Nisha traps them in a ring of fire. They become target of Nisha’s hatred. Samar didn’t wish Jhanvi to get harm. Samar tries to get Jhanvi with him, while she stays with Aditya. Aditya and Jhanvi were going Goa for their honeymoon, but didn’t know they will face Nisha’s terror. Aditya and Jhanvi care for each other, seeing death close. Jhanvi will be killing Nisha and end her evil.

Raj and Mannu tackle Chandar and burn him while burning the Raavan on Raavan dahan. Chandar had stabbed Mannu. Raj tries to confess his love for her. He gets shocked when Mannu faints. Pavaniya family worries for Mannu.

Davayanti is close to death. She has always made Avni cry. She has killed Avni’s parents and tried to ruin her life. Dayavanti ignites the fire around Raavan and Avni. Aman tells her that he will ignite the Raavan. Aman saves Avni and pushes Dayavanti in the fire. Avni has succeeded to end Dayavanti and Gurumaa’s evil. She is satisfied that she did what she wanted. Dayavanti was preparing to burn Avni, but she falls in the fire. Aman fools Dayavanti and saves Avni. Aman cheats Dayavanti. She doesn’t understand how Aman changed. Neil, Avni and Aman run away from Rangmahal. The incident has changed Aman’s heart. Neil arrests Aman as he has done a crime to support criminals.


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