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Ishqbaaz:Its Shivika’s haldi rasam moment. The family celebrates haldi in a holi manner. The ceremony becomes memorable and unique. Shakti asks Pinky to celebrate Shivay’s happiness. He applies haldi to Pinky, but she looks lost. Everyone dances in the haldi ceremony. The haldi holi leaves all of them drenched in yellow haldi. The family enjoys Badshah’s performance, while Shivay corners Anika and romances with her. Abhay has entered the family. He will be bringing a twist in Shivay and Anika’s lives.

Ishq Mein Marjawan:
After engagement, Deep learns Aarohi loves someone else. He takes Aarohi to her lover. Aarohi gets to see her lover is marrying someone else, he is cheating her. Aarohi gets a big shock. Deep and Aarohi leave from there. Deep will be supporting Aarohi.



Chandni’s father gets his memory back. He tells the big truth to Chandni that Indrani and he had trapped Advay’s mum and dad, and killed them. He tells how they have spread wrong news about Advay’s parents and got the villagers against them. Chandni gets a huge shock knowing her dad has killed Advay’s dad. He reveals that he is the one guilty of every crime. He accepts he has ruined Advay’s family. Chandni was thinking her dad will get fine.


Maya dons a ghunghat and arrives in Dandiya night fest. Arjun and Maya play Dandiya. Arjun sees Maya and catches her. Maya thought none can catch her in Mata Rani mandap. She was celebrating Navratri with Arjun. Arjun gets angry on her and points a gun at her. He suffocates her neck. Maya has much courage. She laughs on Arjun’s crazy attacks and doesn’t get scared. She waits for Arjun to get a call, which would give him a big shock.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:

Naina sheds tears. Sameer and Naina sit in the rain and cry. Sameer is much worried. Naina tries to talk to her, but their friends come there and take them away. Sameer helps Naina when she falls in mud. He gives her kerchief to clean her face. She assumes it to be a gift from his side. They have a cute moment.

Dada ji is worried as his family got broken. Sandhya is playing a game. She cheats and makes Karan sign on property papers. She wants to get the property on her name. Naina gets to see this and makes water fall on the papers. She ruins Sandhya’s plans. Sandhya gets angry on maid Pyaari, not knowing she is Naina.


Kartik and Naira plan to go for Kuldevi puja. The Goenka and Singhania families get ready to reach the temple in a chartered plane. The ladies wear traditional clothes. They want to do haldi in the Kuldevi temple. Naksh and Kirti’s haldi will be happening in a village. They all board Goenkas’ private plane. There will be twists about haldi. The airport authorities doesn’t allow the ladies to take haldi in plane. Rajshri asks them what will they check in haldi.


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